Medios y Fullrange

Fullrange/Midrange Speaker

GROUND ZERO offers a range of high-quality full range and midrange speakers, which are used in a customized sound quality setup.
The bandwidth covers both very small and thus easy-to-integrate models as well as larger variants, which can be used starting at lower frequencies.

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Pure High-End Sound Quality

The EISA awarded REFERENCE components obtain the highest attention and care during a long lasting development.
Without any compromise, each component is selected from the best ones available on the market.
Highest production quality and the most accurate supervision of every single part ensure not less than perfect performance, ultimate sound quality and workmanship for the highest demanding customer.
Emphasizing the high-end status of the REFERENCE products, each amplifier, speaker and subwoofer is finally certified by GROUND ZERO´s in-house quality department and delivered in a classy, logo-branded wooden box handmade in Germany.

  • GZPM Reference 80

    80 mm / 3.15″ high end midrange speaker

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High-End Experience

The products of the PLUTONIUM line are suitable for either ultimate SPL level or high-end sound quality.
To achieve one of these targets, exceptional materials and technologies are applied during the development.
The technical, electrical and mechanical skills of the resulting products convince not only during worldwide SPL competitions but also High End enthusiasts with outstanding audio reproduction ability.
Starting from the market release, the subwoofers have set benchmarks in all SPL competitions around the world and have been awarded for best performance by numerous test magazines.

  • GZPF 40SQ

    40 mm / 1.6″ high end full range speaker


    80 mm / 3.15″ high end midrange speaker

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Ultimate Performance

With several particular features of the High End PLUTONIUM line, GROUND ZERO managed to position the NUCLEAR line products at a lower price level.
Nevertheless, the amazingly sounding speakers are partly “Made in Germany”.
The subwoofers are predestined for high level audio setups as well as for SPL competition while massive multi-channel and impressively powerful mono amplifiers deliver excellent performance.

  • GZNF 50SQ

    50 mm / 2″ high performance full range speaker

  • GZNM 80SQ

    80 mm / 3.15″ high performance midrange speaker

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Amazing Sound Quality

Each product of the URANIUM line-up has been developed carefully to fulfill the demands of music enthusiasts with high audiophile expectations at a reasonable price level.
Applying all of Ground Zero´s sound quality competition experience while tuning the product details carefully, results in emotional and amazing audio reproduction.
The distinguished amplifiers point out the main purpose by their designation: SQ beyond the average!

  • GZUF 60SQX

    60 mm / 2.36″ sound quality full range speaker

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Advanced Dynamics

The RADIOACTIVE line offers a wide range of exceptional high efficient speakers and subwoofers for daily and SPL use.
During the development GROUND ZERO focused especially on natural and dynamical audio reproduction of digitally compressed music.
Apart from some powerful amplifiers, the line contains extremely small amplifiers for limited space environments.

  • GZRM 80SQ

    80 mm / 3.15″ sound quality midrange speaker

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Premium Quality

The products of the TITANIUM line combine premium quality and high efficiency.
A wide range of dedicated speakers meet most of the customer´s need.
The amplifiers are equipped with sophisticated technology and encased by a posh heatsink with brushed titanium color surface.
Especially for trucks, GROUND ZERO offers two models of the TITANIUM amplifier line-up as a 24-Volt version.

  • GZTM 100NEO

    100 mm / 4″ midrange speaker with neodymium motor