Active Subwoofer Box

For the reproduction of particularly low frequencies a special loudspeaker is required developed especially for this purpose.
Subwoofers can cover all demands on bass reproduction when fitted into a suitable enclosure.
In addition, an amplifier with sufficient power output must be used.
GROUND ZERO offers a range of active enclosure subwoofers with the matching amplifier integrated, already.

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Amazing Sound Quality

Each product of the URANIUM line-up has been developed carefully to fulfill the demands of music enthusiasts with high audiophile expectations at a reasonable price level.
Applying all of Ground Zero´s sound quality competition experience while tuning the product details carefully, results in emotional and amazing audio reproduction.
The distinguished amplifiers point out the main purpose by their designation: SQ beyond the average!


    25 cm / 10″ high quality flat active subwoofer


    20 cm / 8″ high quality flat active subwoofer

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Premium Quality

The products of the TITANIUM line combine premium quality and high efficiency.
A wide range of dedicated speakers meet most of the customer´s need.
The amplifiers are equipped with sophisticated technology and encased by a posh heatsink with brushed titanium color surface.
Especially for trucks, GROUND ZERO offers two models of the TITANIUM amplifier line-up as a 24-Volt version.

  • GZTB 20ACT

    20 cm / 8″ flat active subwoofer

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Top Performance @ Entry Level

Representing the entry level of GROUND ZERO, the IRIDIUM line offers a lot of useful features and an amazing performance.
The range contains a variety of affordable amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for the daily use and for SPL purpose.
These are available as single drivers for custom-built applications as well as in loaded passive and active enclosures.


    20 cm / 8″ vented subwoofer loaded active enclosure


    25 cm / 10″ vented subwoofer loaded active enclosure


    30 cm / 12″ vented subwoofer loaded active enclosure

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Car Specific Products

CAR SPECIFIC Upgrade for the OEM sound system

Most OEM speaker systems cannot completely satisfy the expectations of sophisticated customers.
Especially the basic equipment leaves a lot of space for improvements of dynamics and sound quality.
Installing car specific aftermarket speakers is a simple way to enhance the audio system.
GROUND ZERO´s line of CAR SPECIFIC solutions consists of various components designed for upgrading the OEM audio systems of modern cars easily.


    Car specific 250 mm / 10″ subwoofer loaded active enclosure

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